Business Areas of Energize Inc.

Energize Inc. operates mainly in three specialized areas: HR, Marketing, and Globalization. The company provides consulting services and achieves outstanding results by implementing and designing.


Our HR consulting service mainly serves foreign companies who do business and recruit in Japan. Our consultations cover the recruitment of mid-career candidates and fresh graduates based on close consideration of actual marketing conditions in Japan, a country with a special culture and customs. We provide integrated consulting and support to help our clients understand Japanese HR policies more easily and comprehensively.

  • Recruitment service for experienced candidates
  • Recruitment service for fresh graduates
  • Training and development programs
  • HR localization consulting, etc.


Marketing is an activity to support the strengthening, expansion, and development of client businesses. Rather than cookie-cutter solutions, we provide tailored solutions by learning about the client and the client's needs in detail, discussing and planning with the client, and then implementing in the final stage. A marketing plan will vary according to the project duration and the services and supports we provide in consideration of the target to be achieved.

  • Marketing services in Japan
  • Development, management, operations of sales agents in the Japanese marketplace
  • Producing joint ventures
  • Searching and purchasing unique products of Japan
  • Planning out and conducting Japanese market research, etc.


Globalization is an array of support services for companies expanding into overseas markets from Japan, a market now shrinking due to Japan's low birthrate.

  • Multilingualization of websites
  • Overseas marketing research
  • Training in globalization skills for Japanese businesspersons
  • Support for establishing locally incorporated companies, etc.


Our work in design assures that we achieve good results by increasing the quality of our communications in the three specialized areas described earlier. Energize Inc. is a rare consulting company populated by experienced designers. The success of a company's projects often hinges on consistency from the initial stages. Ideally, a company should work with the same vendor from the beginning based on detailed client-vendor discussions and strategies and techniques in the initial phase. When success eludes a company, the cause is often a lack of sharing and communication between a client and new vendor. Energize Inc. has a system in place to ensure success by having the client plan out projects through discussion with Energize and providing one-stop, consistent support from the design phase up to the communication phase.

  • Branding support customized for the Japanese market
  • Japanese versions of various marketing tools (Graphic, Website, Brochures, Movies, etc.)
  • Copy writing
  • Arrangements for cameramen, designers, etc.

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